Mission Statement: We have found something we believe in and have dedicated our lives to see it through!! Give and you shall receive…

At GivingMerchants.com we are collectively bringing and uplifting the spirit of Philanthropy and Giving Back worldwide. We believe deep down, people want to help people, to impact another person’s life. Through our innovative strategy we have devised a program to benefit millions of people one merchant at a time!

Vision Statement: Through the power of giving first, we will become the largest Merchant Services provider in the world. We will capture the mind and the heart of each merchant by helping them save money and help someone in need at the same time. We, as a company, are creating a culture of giving, and as we give we shall be rewarded not only emotionally, but monetarily by the lives that we will touch.

About Us: Giving Merchants is a merchant service provider. We at Giving Merchants have over 100 collective years of marketing experience and have created an all-encompassing entity to enrich not only our own lives by providing excellent merchant services for small to large sized businesses, but also to offer greatly needed financial assistance to those less fortunate on a global scale simply with our heartfelt mission of giving. Globally, the lifeblood of any community is held within its businesses; without them, there is no real sense of community.

Here’s how it works:

“Give a man a fish; feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish; feed him for a lifetime.” Lao Tzu

The state of the economy today is undoubtedly on shaky ground. Many are finding their business and personal finances in grave danger just trying to make minimum payments and keep their heads above water. In each community, city, state and country, there are also nonprofit organizations, be it churches, school organizations, charity clubs, food banks, missions or alumni associations, doing the exact same thing – struggling to make ends meet. This is where we at Giving Merchants offer substantial assistance. Our creative method for lending a helping monetary hand gives the power back to these nonprofits. They no longer have to depend on intermittent and all too often infrequent donations from companies solely dependent on profit margins. We understand they still have overhead expenses and payroll to get out just like us. GivingMerchants.com has opened a brand new door for nonprofit organizations: They can refer those merchants who offer random supplements to our service so they will be guaranteed a monthly stipend! In turn, we provide unsurpassed merchant account services to that merchant to enhance their own business by showing them how to increase revenue, cut overhead costs, and give them the most reliable and secure venue for their merchant service needs.

We guarantee our services provided will meet or beat their current merchant service account holder costs! Subsequently, when the newly enlightened and excited business owner switches their credit card processing to Giving Merchants, we stand strong in our basic mission and donate up to 15% of our own profits to a nonprofit organization each month. This donation is sent to the nonprofit in the merchants name without even doing a thing – other than enjoying our professional merchant account services! This is definitely a win-win situation for everyone involved. Giving Merchants sends out up to 15% of our own residual income to well-deserving nonprofit organizations that desperately need help. Our referral/donation service provides us with more and more referrals, thus we are able to help people all over the world! This cycle of events, referrals from nonprofit organizations to merchants and from merchants to their personal choice of nonprofit organizations, never ends. Nonprofits are granted more time to devote energy to their actual cause, instead of worrying over finances. Your business is equipped with the best of the best in merchant services, and Giving Merchants does the work!