At Giving Merchants, we understand that each of our clients has different needs. We are a full service payment and transaction provider serving businesses ranging from retail to e-commerce, and phone/fax/mail order.  We aim to help merchants transact payments securely, quickly and efficiently. Our reliable service offers the highest level of integrity and customer service in the industry.

We make saving money on your payment processing quick and easy! The way we look at it, you have better things to do with your time than trying to calculate how much you either pay or want to pay for a merchant processing service. We believe in simplicity, we believe that you deserve better, we believe you deserve more, this is why in an industry full of confusion and clutter, we provide our services in plain english, not industry lingo. Our business model is one that  can benefit your business and your community in more ways than we can count together.

You can rest assured that whatever form of payment processing you require, we provide it.